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John Storey has been a photojournalist for over 30 years working a majority of that time for the San Francisco Examiner and San Francisco Chronicle newspapers. During his time at the two papers he covered major events from super bowls to riots.

John is a San Francisco native and began working as a photographer for the San Mateo Times in 1973 while in high school. His passion for sports fueled his career as he became known for his sports photography. After freelancing for the San Mateo Times, AP, and UPI he joined the San Francisco Chronicle In 1977.

He left the Chronicle after three years, as he was lured away by the San Francisco Examiner. During his twenty years at the Examiner he covered all of the major sporting events and covered all of the 49ers football games, home and away for 15 years. Freelancing was also a part of his career as he worked for Sports Illustrated, Time, People, Fortune, Business Week, Union IBEW Local 1245, and the New York Times. In 2000 John rejoined the Chronicle again and finally left the paper to begin freelancing full-time at the end of 2005.


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